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Portable computer

Product ID code: 70285
Barcode: 197029138835
Part number (MFG PN) 6a1b1ea

Notebook HP 255 G9 R7-5825U/16GB/512/FreeDOS

Notebook HP 255 G9 R7-5825U/16GB/512/FreeDOS is a laptop with an AMD Ryzen 7 5825U processor, which has 4 cores and...
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Product ID code: 70284
Barcode: 197029138873
Part number (MFG PN) 6f299ea

Notebook HP 255 G9 R5-5625U/8GB/512SSD/W11home/silver

A laptop designed for business and personal use. It is equipped with an AMD Ryzen 5 5625U processor, 8 GB...
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Product ID code: 70282
Barcode: 197029138866
Part number (MFG PN) 6f297ea

Notebook HP 255 G9 R3-5425U/8GB/512SSD/W11home/silver

A laptop that stands out for its reliable performance, elegant appearance and excellent performance. It is powered by an AMD...
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Product ID code: 70280
Barcode: 197029138859
Part number (MFG PN) 6f294ea

Notebook HP 255 G9 R3-5425U/8GB/512SSD/DOS/silver

The HP 255 G9 6F294EA is a notebook computer that offers good performance at an affordable price. It is equipped...
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