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Product ID code: 66661

Barcode: 8422593131756

Part number (MFG PN) MR13175

Checkers game MR13175

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Traditional checkers game on a portable folding base. It contains 30 parts: 15 black and 15 white figures.
Age: 6+
Number of players: 2
Choose your pieces (white or black) and arrange them on the black squares (always in the first three rows next to the player).
The pieces always move diagonally one place across the black squares, and the game is always started by a black player.
Be the first to catch all the opponent's pieces. To catch them, you have to skip the opponent's piece in such a way that there is an empty space behind it.
The game ends when all the pieces are caught or all moves are blocked.
Will you be the first to win all-around figures?