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Home page Items Office And School Supplies Paper Stationery Artistic Blocks Block Magnani Toscana rough 36x51 300g 20L M4365127

Product ID code: 68604

Barcode: 8001348222699

Part number (MFG PN) M4365127

Blok Magnani Toscana rough 36x51 300g 20L M4365127

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This paper has been made on a cylinder mould machine using marking felts of an exclusive cartiere Magnani design.
It's made of 100% cotton.
Absence of acids and chlorine derivates ensure that this paper is resistant against yellowing from UV rays, guaranteeing durability over the years and maximum yield of the colours applied.
Toscana paper has a rough surface and is especially indicated for all the wet tehniques like watercolour, gouache, ink and acrylics.
Number of sheets: 20.
Weight: 300g.
Dimensions: 36x51 cm.
The price is per piece.