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Home page Items Office And School Supplies Paper Stationery Artistic Blocks Block Magnani Annigoni natural rough 18x26 250g 25L M2182601

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Barcode: 8001348222286

Part number (MFG PN) M2182601

Block Magnani Annigoni natural 18x26 250g 25L M2182601

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This paper has been made on a cylinder mould machine, following the „recipe“ perfected by our paper masters together whit maestro Pietro Annigoni who used it for his studies.
It's made of 100% cotton with the addition of coloured cellulosic fibers.
Absence of acids and chlorine derivates ensure that this paper is resistant against yellowing from UV rays and tear.
Annigoni paper has a natural rough surface and is especially indicated for tehniques whit charcoal, sanguine, pastel.
Number of sheets: 25.
Weight: 250g.
Dimensions:18x26 cm.
The price is per piece.