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Barcode: 8001348173601

Part number (MFG PN) 17522432

Block Fabriano watercolor gf 24x32 200g 75sh 17522432

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The Fabriano Watercolour paper is made of a valuable mixture of lignin free cellulose and cotton (25%). The absence of acid guarantees the inalterability over time of the paper. Produced with 100% of ECF pulp (Elemental Chlorine Free), FSC® certified from forests responsibly managed respectful of environmental, social and economic standards. It is sized internally and externally, guaranteeing optimal absorbance. The quality/price ratio of this paper guarantees an exceptional offer for students of fine arts schools and beginners.
Ideal for watercolour, tempera, gouache, acrylic, ink and drawing.
Broj stranica: 75.
Weight: 200g.
Dimensions: 24x32cm.
The price is per piece.